First Day

Today, was my sons first day at his new school.

The cynic in me expected to come home to him being totally apathetic to the whole thing. But Hooray I was wrong. It would appear that he still gets no lessons (at least they do not enter into his recollection of the day). So what have I spent the money on? Apparently 2 grand a term buys you a good game of footie at break time and a really tasty lunch (It did not actually afford me a description of said lunch).

I did find out one particularly good piece of news however, the teacher at his after school club, ensures that all his homework gets done. This single fact actually buys me back up to 5 hours per week.

Mostly however I have to admit that I really am quite jealous. I would give almost anything to have a day of reading, doing a few sums playing football whilst in the company of all your best friends. I would even be willing to wear silly shorts in the winter.

First Day Of School

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