Pushy Parent

I will start by saying that I don’t believe that I’m a pushy parent, but sometimes I wonder what that makes me believe this? My kids would, if given the opportunity, sit and watch TV all day. My son might be tempted to break himself away from it for a while to play his Nintendo DS if he were feeling particularly active and it happened to be close by. My little girl however would not only happily sit there and watch TV she would watch the SAME thing on a loop. Arthur and the Invisibles. Grrrr.Now I don’t want to give the impression that they are a pair of couch potatoes. They are actually both very active, but it is because they are dragged from place to place, pretty much against their will. Again it is not as if they don’t like what we do, in fact they usually thoroughly enjoy it, it is just that they have to be forced to get up and do it.Case in point. They have dance lessons on a Saturday morning. Up until today they had been doing ballet and tap, and for weeks they have been asking about doing modern dance. So today I tell them that we are staying an extra half hour for modern, and it kicks off! It is as if I have told them that we are staying for a session of bottom smacking and eating cabbage.Apparently he is desperate to get back to listen to his audio book and she wants to watch the second half of Arthur and the bloody invisibles, as I had been foolish enough to promise last night. Grrrr. So again I put my foot down and tell them that they are staying. And watching them you can see that they really both enjoyed it, although they both deny this when asked.So back to my original question. Am I right in thinking that I am not a pushy parent, or should just I learn to embrace the label.The problem is where you draw the line. I obviously can’t ask them if they are doing too much, as we would be back in front of the TV, but I seem to be constantly taking my son from one activity to another. Monday is Beavers, Wednesday is Karate, Friday is football with the school, Saturday morning is Dance classes, and Sunday is Rugby followed by Swimming practice. Not to mention the fact that there is barley a Saturday/Sunday when one of them is not invited to a party. Now, personally I think that this may be too much, but how do I decide which he should drop when he enjoys all of them yet is apathetic when asked about any of them. I’ll say it again Grrrr!Now my daughter is just coming up to the age where she will be allowed to do some of these, and the thought horrifies me. Do I physically have the ability to attend more? Maybe I should leave her with Arthur.

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