Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog! And to 2008.

I get that no one else is likely to look at this while this sentence is relevant, if at all, but my new years resolution is to start blogging, if for nothing else, then as an easy way for friends and family to keep up to date.

The theory is that I will actually put up content that may be occasionally interesting to others, but we will wait and see.

About me.

Well the title of the blog gives the game away, in that … yep, I’m a geek. Hopefully that does not completely sum me up, but I would be lying if I pretended I wasn’t so it is possible that I will tech out at times.

I am a father of 2, with another on the way … <sarcasm>what charming little angels they are too</sarcasm> (oops a little bit of geek slipped out already). I am a budding photographer, so hopefully I will be able to show off the occasional masterpiece although I expect it will mostly be family snaps so don’t expect too much (especially if I am actually in shot!).

I love to read, however It does tend to get in the way of my real life, however I figure if I post some sort of a review on the books that I read, then I have to read to give me more material for the blog, perfect logic to me (I don’t expect it will work on my wife though), so be prepared for me to rabbit on about books. I also enjoy playing rugby, but with my teams current form the enjoyment is limited.

Other than that I will also post things just for the sake of posting, lets see where this takes me.

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